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The 100th Birthday Hermann Göring Presentation Cup and Saucer

& Adolph Hitler Cash Award Document.

Extremely rare grouping to Heinrich Naber

who celebrated his 100th birthday in 1941.

It contains a limited 2nd pattern “100th birthday” edition porcelain cup

presented by Hermann Göring, a letter and congratulation of Göring

as well as a personal letter from Adolf Hitler.



 High quality fine porcelain cup with gilt embossed Third Reich national eagle with swastika. Gilt rims and corners. KPM maker marked. 125/695 numbered.

No chips or damage. No signs of use. Condition 1.

Height: 10cm.

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Including the original matching porcelain saucer with initials “HN” custom made to the center. It says “ZUM 100. GEBURTSTAG REICHSMARSCHALL HERMANN GÖRING”. Diameter: 25cm. Numbered and marked. 

It is the second pattern set.


Original letter sent by the Präsidialkanzlei Berlin on 2.4.1941. An impressive red “Der Führer und Reichskanzler” seal to the reverse of the original envelope.

It contains a letter of congratulation sent from Adolf Hitler. He sent best wishes for Heinrich Naber’s 100th birthday and confirms 300 RM will be sent to him as a present.

Facsimile signature of Hitler. 4.4.1941 dated.


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Furthermore there is a handwritten letter of congratulations sent by Hermann Göring. “Der Preußische Ministerpräsident” letter head. Embossed printed national eagle. Original ink signature of Hermann Göring who sent best wishes for his 100th birthday. This letter was sent with the actual presentation cup including 300RM as it says in the letter (4 pages).

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