M.Maurer Original Approved Sample Badges (Unique)

Amazing Collection of Original – un-issued German badges from original Manufacturers approved samples M.Maurer – Vienna. (1945).

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Approval Berechnungsstelle Wien (effective translation Quality & Control) The National German Labour Front – Wien.

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Still in existence, but in the 30’s & 40’s were specialist suppliers of German Military Badges and fine woven metalwork (epaulettes etc).

M.Maurer are Vienna´s oldest passementerie company,(woven fine materials and laces) and is dedicated to traditional craft and innovation.
For more than 152 years finest passementerie articles of the  highest quality were precisely manufactured in all materials and colors.

Sometime at the end of the War, some of the reference material/archive material was removed from their factory, and we are delighted to hold some of their reference material which were purchased some years ago from Hermann Historica.

This included approved items, submitted to the Die Deutches Aebitsfeant – Gauleitung – Wien for approval, who applied their stamp and a unique reference number to the pieces and in some cases also applied a metal seal with the manufacturers name and address to the item/and or approval label.

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We are prepared to accept offers on Individual Items – but would prefer to keep the collection together as an archive reference.