The Hitler Youth (HJ) & Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM)


The Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM) was the separate girls units of the Hitler Youth. NAZI related girl’s units began to form in 1923, but only small numbers of girls were involved. The BDM was not founded until 1930 ad was not integrated into the HJ organization until 1931. The male orientation of the HJ organization meant that at first the BDM was not very popular with girls. The number of girls were limited, significantly trailing that of the boys until 1936 when membership was made compulsory. The girls like the boys were expected to join at age 10. The units were separated from the boys and activities and program quite different in keeping with the NAZI view that the proper role for women was motherhood–producing boys for the German Army. As with the boys, failure to join the BDM could be dangerous, both for the girl and the family.

The ‘Boys’ Hitler Youth Organization eventually became the feeder for the Army and SS Units and latterly, with the loss of soldiers, young HJ Units took on the role of more experienced soldiers.

While no doubt, some of the Children became fully indoctrinated and indeed benefitted from the training and sense of purpose instilled, the realities of War slowly became very real to manyT he below picture says it all, with the young captured HJ Soldier in 1945.

HJ Captured